CRM product model的用法

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Now simulate the product model, once Home is selected from drop down list and press entry key, the value 2 is automatically determined to 2 as expected.

And click "Apply Changes":

Enter the item detail page, you can see a new "Configuration" assignment block.

And the third chatacteristic for Accessory number:

Now the model is ready for simulation:

Create a new quotation, add the product which owns the created product model as item. Save the quotation.

Once you click Simulation button, you can configure the model according to available characteristic value maintained in previous step:

You can find more information by tcode SM53:

Edit the product Model created in previous blog, create a new dependency with type "Formula":

Create another COLOR characteristic:

Choose String as data type:

The product model simulation page is now opened as a embedded view in Quotation item detail page.

Save the product. Now you should see "Product Model" assignment block. Click "Edit List" to create a new model:

We can maintain formula for example below. In this case, it means "if the characteristic MACHINE_SIZE is selected as H(Home), another characteristic ACCESSORY_NUMBER would automatically be determined as 2".

Based on this size characteristic, create three local values:

An example from sap help

Once you have done value selection, click preview hyperlink:

For a car, the interior, the engine capacity, and the exterior paint color can vary, for example. When the customer selects this car in the Web shop, the possible characteristics for the product are displayed automatically. The customer can select the characteristic values that he or she wants. Only characteristics that are compatible with the previously selected characteristic values are shown. If the various characteristics of a product affect its price, the price that is displayed is also recalculated.

Since the product configuration engine is implemented in Java, there is a corresponding remote function module which delegates the check job to Java application running in virtual machine container.

Select value for characteristic according to your business. Now the configured product is persisted in quotation item level.

This issue introduces basic functionality of product model in CRM WebClient UI, which is a prerequisite knowledge for co-deployment project.

You should first switch on configurable flag for the product type via customizing below:

You can click button "Suggest" to get some editing proposal.

Once edit is done, click "Check Syntax" to ensure the formula does not have any syntax error.

You will get an overview of configured product model: