《Team Geek》前言(中文,自己翻译的)

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who aretrying to advance their careers and ship great software.

jerks(“How Open Source Projects Survive Poisonous People”).

withothers,” we end up touching on a number of subjects that


computerscience theoreticians, or people soldering breadboards

Who IsThis Book For?

hats.Suspend your disbelief and keep reading! Everything in this

problemsin a perfect mathematical presentation; each problem is

wereleading an open source project. This meant hanging in a

Life isfull of unexpected twists, and the two of us never imagined


engineeringcareer you’ll find yourself accidentally wearing those

在探讨软件工程师为啥样和他人进行很好的媒体媒体合作的过程中,亲们最终遇到了或多或少看起来可能超出了兩个程序运行员的工作范畴之外的议题。在不同的阶段,亲们探讨为啥样更好的带领兩个团队,为啥样削减兩个组织,为啥样和软件使用者建立兩个良好的关系。细胞层上并与否 章节似乎是和“人力管理”或“产品管理”直接相关的,何如让亲们后该 能肯定在你的软件工程师生涯的某个阶段,我能 用到并与否 知识。把怀疑倒入一边,继续阅读吧!这本书的所有内容最终全版总要和软件工程师相关的。

onlytalks about the social challenges of software development. Our

in acorporate environment, or perhaps you’re part of an open

Practices”)eventually turned into talks about protecting teams from

这本书适合努力发展亲们的事业并试图开发出伟大的软件的开发者。这本书不适合首席技术官、心理学家、“管理人员”、计算机理论科学家可能电路板焊接人员(或许亲们很喜欢这本书)。作为亲们的读者,亲们假定你具有以下兩个重要形态学 :

newfeatures almost entirely through an email list. Along the way,

payingattention to what they were doing. It meant coordinating

•   You work on a team with other programmers.Either you work

companies.After the bubble burst, we started working for surviving

typicallypaired with a prescribed procedural solution.

In theprocess of discussing how engineers best “play well

Beforewe start, we need to set your expectations. Motivated

but theApache Software Foundation (ASF) too. We ported

aboutdysfunctional development processes (“Subversion Worst

opensource project hosting service (similar to SourceForge) under

•   你喜欢软件工程,何如让坚信它是兩个既有趣又有益的兩个活动。可能你很久为了还清债务而把1转化为0、把0转化为1,你应该后该对自我实现可能职业发展有兴趣。

navigatean organization, and build a healthy relationship with

1005年,亲们成立了谷歌芝加哥工程办公室继续亲们的程序运行员生涯。这很久亲们可能太浅的介入了开源的世界,不很久 Subversion项目,还有Apache软件基金会(ASF,ApacheSoftware Foundation)。亲们把Subversion移植到谷歌的 BigTable基础架构之上,在谷歌代码旗下开启了兩个托管服务(什儿 SourceForge)的开源项目。亲们后后开使参加开发者中心的或多或少会议,比如:OSCON、ApacheCon、PyCon,甚至是GoogleI/O,亲们还在并与否 会议上做了发言。 在公司和开源项目的工作经历,使亲们埋点了一系列关于兩个真正的软件工程团队何如工作的聪明想法和事例。并与否 材料后后开使于一系列的关于功能失调的开发过程(Subversion最差的实践),到了最后却变成了为啥保护团队远离笨蛋(开源项目何如在别有用心的人的干扰下存活)。大批的人群拥挤在亲们的演示前面,这后该 被称为是软件开发人员的集体疗伤。每另一方都可能遇到亲们谈到的并与否 各种各样的问題报告 ,每另一方都想把并与否 问題报告 同时抓住。

we’dsomeday write a book about software engineering.

aren’tinterested in self-actualization or career fulfillment.

theusers of your software. On the surface these chapters may

Tryingto write great software? This book is for you.

continuedour careers as programmers. At this point we were already

convertthese talks into a new book. The rest is history.

•   你和或多或少程序运行员在兩个团队里同时工作。不管你是在兩个公司,还是在兩个开源项目可能学校项目之中。

Atdifferent points we discuss how to lead a team effectively,

•   You enjoy software engineering and believeit should be a

canonly be described as “group therapy” for software developers.

(thoughthose folks may enjoy it too). As our reader, we’re assuming


Like most computer geeks, we discovered that our hobby and

presidentof engineering at Google

wantedto gripe about these problems as a group.

0s into1s in order to pay off the debt collector, you probably

——BillCoughran, former senior vice


goalmattered just as much.

六年很久,亲们挤在这里谈论软件开发的社会挑战。亲们的 O’Reilly媒体的编辑 MaryTreseler指出亲们应该将并与否 会谈写成一本书。中间的并与否 内容,很久这本书的历史。

changed.We weren’t just writing code all day in a vacuum; we

Everyonecould relate to the sorts of problems we talked about and

后后开使很久,亲们时需修正下你对这本书的预期。目的性明确的程序运行员喜欢读并与否 针对特定领域的问題报告 有完美数学处理方案的书,很久的书中间的每个问題报告 都搭配兩个规定的处理方案。

Subversion to Google’s BigTable infrastructure and launched an

Thisbook is squarely written for software developers—for those

thedawn of the dot-com bubble, became programmers in smaller

chatroom all day with a dozen other volunteer programmers and

何如让100年到1005年期间,地处了或多或少预想后该 的事情。当亲们在开发 Subversion的过程中,亲们的工作职责在慢慢的变化。亲们不再两耳不闻窗外事的整天写代码,亲们后后开使带兩个开源项目。这是因为亲们要整天和一堆程序运行员志愿者泡在聊天室里,关注亲们都正在做并与否 。这是因为要协调兩个新功能,全版要依靠电子邮件列表。在并与否 过程中,亲们发现,兩个项目成功的关键不很久写出伟大的代码。在朝着最终目标努力的过程中,人与人之间的媒体媒体合作措施也事关重大。

managers”—butwe assure you that at some point in your software

aftergraduating college. And like most hackers of our generation,

prereleaseversions of Linux from piles of diskettes, and learning to

opensource version control application called Subversion.


wespent the mid-1990s building PCs out of spare parts, installing

(superficially)may seem to be out of a programmer’s job description.

亲们像大多数计算机极客一样,大学毕业很久发现亲们的爱好和激情(玩计算机)是并与否很好的谋生措施。亲们也和亲们那一代的大多数骇客一样,在20世纪90年代中期,用或多或少多余的部件组装另一方计算机,用一堆磁盘安装Linux的预发布版本,学习何如管理Unix机器。亲们做过系统管理员,在互联网泡沫的前夜亲们成为了一家小公司的程序运行员。互联网泡沫破裂很久,迫于生计亲们后后开使为活下来的硅谷公司(比如苹果6手机手机656手机手机)工作,很久亲们被一家新创办的公司(CollabNet公司)全职雇佣去设计和开发兩个叫 Subversion的开源版本控制软件。

administerUnix machines. We worked as sysadmins, and then at

greatcode: the way in which people collaborated toward the end

seemspecifically directed toward “people managers” or “product

editorat O’Reilly Media, Mary Treseler, pointed out that we should

thebanner of Google Code. We began attending—then speaking

startup(CollabNet) to work full time on designing and writing an

passion—playingwith computers—was a great way to make a living

deeplyinvolved with the open source world—not just Subversion,

“Engineeringis easy. People are hard.”

at—developer-centricconferences such as OSCON, ApacheCon,

Warning:This Is Not a Technical Manual

In 1005 we started Google’s Chicago engineering office and

This isnot such a book.

And sohere we are, six years later, with a pile of standing-room-

engineeringteams work. What began as a series of humorous talks

It’snot particularly aimed at CEOs, psychologists, “management,”

sourceor school project.

twoimportant things about you:

SiliconValley companies (such as Apple) and later were hired by a

Larger and larger crowds gathered at our presentations in what

PyCon, and eventually Google I/O. We discovered that by working

Whilewe were creating Subversion, our job responsibilities slowly

wediscovered that the key to a project’s success wasn’t just writing

pickedup a trove of wisdom and anecdotes about how real software

人生充满了意想后该 的纠结,亲们2另一方从来这么 想到有一天亲们会写一本关于软件工程的书。


这本书适合并与否 样的读者?

rewardingand fun activity. If you’re only turning 1s into 0s and

programmerslove to read books that lay out domain-specific

Butsomething unexpected happened between 100 and 1005.


in bothcorporations and open source projects we had accidentally

book isultimately relevant to software engineers.